Your Brain needs rest

Sleep is important, but rest is important too.  I have posted on what happens when the brain is under stress.  Most of us know that you can develop high blood pressure, heart disease, and more.  I am not going to go in depth about that today because I want to focus on how to rest your brain.

When I meditate, I am relaxed and I fall asleep after meditating.   Even if I get  6 to 8 hours sleep, I still meditate.  Sleep is great for resting your brain, but you need additional rest after a stressful day.  Today we face more stress than our ancestors.  We have to remember passwords, usernames,  and other technical techniques.  We use our brains most of the day, so it is no surprise that we have headaches,  memory loss, and anxiety.

Use any of the meditations techniques to relax your mind.   Most of the time, we cannot sleep because we are over thinking, so stop thinking and start becoming aware of your surroundings,  The great thing about mindfulness is that you can see when harmful thoughts enter your mind. When you are more aware of yourself, you can control your thoughts and actions.  It is very important to center your thoughts.

When you find a center point, it is also known as centering.   This is an ancient Japanese technique used to help a person to focus on the here and now.  The concept is used in “Aikido” which is a martial arts technique.  Centering helps us to direct our energy to benefits us.  When we channel our emotions, we can deal with our situations with a level head.  It is simple to do.  You just close your eyes and think about how you act when you face a negative situation. Do you tenses up or do your heart beats rapidly?   When find yourself doing those actions stop and relax.

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