You can lose it all (King David)

I like to hear about people who overcame unbeatable odds.  King David accomplished a lot but lost it all because he did not control his emotions.  People are fascinated with David because he had so much drama in his life.  He was a Shepard boy, king, and song writer.  If we take a look at David’s story, we can see why it is important to control our emotions.

Who was David?

David was the youngest son of Jesse. He had six older brothers.  He use to stay and watch the sheep while his older brothers went out and did other things.  While he was tending the sheep, he used to write beautiful songs.  His most popular song is Psalm 23.

What crisis did he experience?

His town was plague by a Giant.  Everyone was afraid of him. David killed the giant by hitting him in the head with a rock.  He was crowned king.  While he was king, he fell in love with his best friend’s wife.  His friend was a general in his army and was killed during war.  Many of the citizens blamed David for his friend’s death because David ordered his friend to fight this war while he can have sex with his wife.  David was dethrone because of this.  Many people also wanted him dead, so David had to run and hide to stay alive.

What lessons can we learn?

David’s lustful actions made his life miserable.  He ended up sitting in the streets singing praises to God.  If David would have controlled his emotions, he would have died king.  He asked God for forgiveness, but he hurt so many people because of his actions.  Do not let your emotions get the best of you because you can lose everything that you worked for like David.

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