Yoga and Music

Yoga and music usually go hand and hand.  But sometimes music breaks your concentration while you’re practicing yoga.  So you have to make sure that music enhances your yoga experience.

Some say that a yoga instructor should not play music in their class because the students would not hear the instructor.   Music also can cause stress to the students because everyone does not like the same music.  If a student concentrates on the words or lyrics, this will take the focus off of your meditation or movements.  This is some big concerns when yoga is supposed to relax you.

The way to eliminate these problems is to try different techniques to make sure that you are comfortable with the music.  Try different music to see which genre or artist will help you concentrate on your breathing and movements. The art of yoga is to relax your body by controlling your movement and thoughts.    If you are just listening to a song, you are not doing yoga.

Performers are using yoga and music in their theater performances.  The audience gets the thrill of looking at control movement with music.  This can be very enjoyable for everyone. The performers will be relaxed during the performance and they will be able to give a great show.  Incorporating yoga into dance performances is not new, but it will be used until the end of time.

If music is a big distracter for you, drop it during your yoga time.  But make sure that you weigh all of your options before you decide.  Music can enhance your yoga experience because the rhythm and rhymes can help you move with grace.  If you concentrate on words in the background, pick music with no voices.  If you find yourself not concentrating on your movements, drop the music.  The choice is yours.



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