Will the solar eclipse change emotions?

Starting today, a group of Astrologers are getting together to mediate until the 21st of August.  I do not study Astrology, but I do believe that our behaviors are different during certain weather, planet change, and   when there is a full moon.  The solar eclipse is going to affect us psychologically.

It is important to remember that we must be mindful of our emotions at all times.  The solar eclipse is just on event in our lives that we should be concern about.  We will have other events in our lives that will affect our emotions.

Our brain releases certain neurochemicals depending on our emotions.  When we are happy about our achievements, it releases dopamine.  When we are depressed or lonely, our brain does not release serotonin. Oxytocin is relaxed after sexual pleasures and Endorphin is released when you are in pain.

You can experience any of these emotions during the eclipse.  The first emotion is fear. A lot of people think the end is near.  The next emotions are excitement because of all the hype about the eclipse.  The one  thing that we have to do is to be aware of our emotions during this time to make sure that we are keep ourselves balance.

During this time you can visit the website http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/astrology-hub-hosts-global-meditation-to-dispel-dread-and-welcome-change-for-august-21st-eclipse- to a 300494295.html, to do your meditation with them.  All proceeds are going to charity.  You will help others and get help for yourself.

You can also meditate on your own.   Here is a technique that you can use to keep yourself chemical balance. It is a one minute breathing technique.  Wherever you are, stop and close your eyes.  Listen to what is happening around you and take some deep breaths. Use your cell phone clock app, so you can time yourself.  Does this as often as you can.  The more you do it the more you will release healthy neurochemicals.

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