Which meditation technique is right for you?

For over two years, I have written posts about why to meditate.  It is time for me to help you to actually meditate.  There are so many meditation techniques to use.  In my journal template, I have given you a tracking sheet for you to write down when you meditate; how you felt when you finished; and what type of technique that you used.  I am going to explore different types of meditation techniques to help you find the one or more that fits you.

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Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a technique to where you coordinate your body movement, meditation, and breathing.  The best way to find different Qi Gong methods is to Google it.  There are some examples on the YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter.  I also found some on Pinterest.  You can go to your local library to see if they have some videos.  If you do not need a video, rent out a book on the subject.  If you like this technique, schedule at least 30 minutes out of the day to practice this technique

Heart Rhythm Meditation (HRM)

HRM is the easiest technique to learn. You have to make sure that your heart rate is beating slowly by controlling your breathing.  If your heart is beating rapidly, inhale for a longer period of time and when you exhale push out your breath.  You will need to count how long you hold your breath and how long you push out your breath.  When you are breathing, listen to your heart to see how fast it is beating.  Start your count at five.  If your heart is not slowing down, up your count. Make sure you are sitting down.

Practice makes perfect, so practice these techniques as much as you can. You can use one or both techniques.


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