What makes you tick? (Psalm 139:23)

I have talked about the benefits of mindfulness in my blog posts for over two years.  Information is good, but we have to find ways to incorporate mindfulness into our lives.  Journaling is one way that we can manage our emotions.  The first thing we have to do is see what triggers our negative emotions.  Some triggers are going to be hard to identify because we justify our behaviors.   We have to evaluate all of our triggers to manage our emotions.


Negative triggers

My worst trigger is the love of money.  The Bible teaches us that this is the worst trigger to have.  A negative trigger makes us strive to accomplish selfish goals at any cost.  Our actions may hurt others or ourselves, but we do not care because we are getting what we want. Everyone can obtain what they want without hurting others.  One has to identify their negative triggers, so they can control their behaviors.  Other negative triggers are sex, attention, guilt, drugs, and more.  Find out what your negative triggers are.


Manage Negative triggers

One way you can manage negative emotions is to write in a journal.  An emotional journal is a great way to look at your behaviors and plan ways to redirect that behavior.  You have to honest with yourself.   Do not beat yourself up.  List your triggers and then pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit.  You can write down ways to stop these behaviors by making an action plan.  It is important that you look deep within your heart even if it hurts. Do not share your information with anyone.

Some triggers are not negative.  Positive triggers can be used to control negative ones. We can control our negative emotions, but we first have to identify what triggers our bad behavior.

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