Ways for Seniors to stay active

I went to the gym one time, and my thighs started hurting.  The pain lingered for about 4 days.   It was my fault because I have not been working out lately.  But when you get my age, any extra physical activity will have your body aching for days.  Please talk to your doctor about any health problems that you have.  But the key to it all is to stay active. The biggest problems that I have is that I do not have much time to exercise.   So I found some information about staying active when you do not have the time to exercise.  Here is some exercises that I found:

Do neck rolls and light stretching while watching TV or if you have time at work.

No weights? Use food cans or water bottles or inexpensive resistance bands.

Rent exercise videos from the library

Mow the lawn, clear snow, weed

Climb stairs

Enjoy a walk in a new park or neighborhood

Play with your grandkids or a pet

I found this information on HelpGuide.org.

I also do leg lifts when I am laying down, and squats anytime during the day.  You can  always look up exercise programs on YouTube.  This will help you with pain that comes with not staying active for awhile.



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