Walk the Walk

We have to walk by faith.  One reason to “walk the walk” is to remove strongholds.  Galatians 5:25 states, “If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.”  We have to break from the devil’s strongholds.

How do we break free?               

Faith cannot be seen.  You cannot hold, smell, or see faith, but you can feel it.   We have to put our faith into God.   The more we practice faith.  The more we will depend on God.  We will have our doubts because we are humans.  We have to look past negative feelings and practice praying, studying, and being obedient.

How do you we know that our faith is working?

You will feel the Holy Spirit.  Psalms  52:11 states, “ Cast me not away from thy presence;  and take not the Holy Spirit from me.”  Love is in my heart when the Holy Spirit is dwelling within me.  I am at peace.  This does not mean that everything is going right.  I am dealing with the good, bad, and ugly situations in my life.  The Holy Spirit helps me keep my faith because I know God will be with me.

What happens when I commit a sin?

God will forgive you.  Do not worry about your sin.  You will be convicted because you have done wrong.  The conviction is not supposed to bond you.  Your conviction is supposed to help you become aware of your wrongdoings.  Once you identify what you have done wrong, you will work hard not to repeat the same action.  If you do repeat the same action, ask God for help through the Holy Spirit.   

                When “walk the walk” we are detoxing negativity and growing closer to God.  Do not let the Devil imprison you anymore.  Put your faith in God.

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