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I saw a Trump campaign sign spreading a message of freedom.  If this is what Trump’s freedom looks like, we are in trouble. We are already free.  We have a lot of civil liberties that other countries do not have.   America is going through a Pandemic, so voters need answers and strategies.  When you vote make sure you vote for a solution.  Not the person. Here is why. 

Death Toll 

Why are Americans dying from the Coronavirus at a higher rate than other countries? This country is one of the leaders in education, technology, and medicine.  It must be a communication problem that is hindering us.  Our leader needs to be able to work with others to get the information needed to slow the spread of the virus.  There should be new strategies put in place, so we can do what other countries are doing.  

2nd Stimulus Checks   

Citizens pay taxes for situations like this.  There should be no delay with the approval of a 2nd  stimulus check.  It is not the government’s money.  It is our money.   No government official has missed their pay, so no American should suffer.  Americans are waiting for needed assistance and this will keep the economy strong.  At this point, I do not think it’s going to happen.  What about you? 


The focus should be on healing the sick. Not doing away with Obamacare.  Over 200,000,000 people have died because of the Coronavirus, so everyone needs health coverage.  Healthcare plans will be amended, so let’s focus on social distancing, masks, and a vaccine.   No government official should rush to make changes in healthcare because the Pandemic is not over. 

 When you cast your vote, vote for a solution. Look for a candidate who has a strategy to help America recover from the Pandemic.  

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