Use Mindfullness to rid fear

Fear will cause anxiety. When you feel anxious, it is best to use some mindfulness techniques to get rid of your anxiety.   This is a great way to get rid of any negative emotion because you are thinking about something else.  Concentrating on something positive will always rid any fearful thoughts.

One has to practice these techniques.  If you do not practice mindfulness, you will not control your emotions.  You are not going to feel comfortable using mindfulness at first, but if you try this just once a day, you will feel more confidence about the techniques.

Mindfulness means that you concentrate on your breathing.  One’s blood pressure lowers when you breathe at a steady pace.  You can also fall asleep if you control your breathing.  When you brain gets the correct amount of air, it is easy for you to think things through logically.  Anytime you find yourself in conflicting moment, control your breathing.

One way you can control your breathings is by anchoring your thoughts.  You can focus on any part of your body.  Just think how that body part feels in your clothes.  You can also concentrate on  the color of your skin, any cuts or bruises on your skin, or the feel of your skin.  A lot of people use oils to rub into their skin to relax their muscles. 

A lot of doctors states that when mindfulness techniques are done incorrectly, it does not help with negatives feelings. I want to urge you to do some research and use YouTube, internet,  Apps, or books to find a technique that works for you. Controling your emotions are important to mental health.  Do not let your emotions control you because you will not be mentally stable.


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