Unsung Heroes


Superman and Batman are heroes that we all know.  These heroes can do more than any human being because of their special powers.  Too bad there are not heroes like that today, or are they?  The police, military, and fireman are unsung heroes without any special powers.  They have the courage to deal with unheard of obstacles to make sure that our way of life is not compromised.  We need more men and women like this to help stand up for people who do not have the courage to stand up for themselves.  The world needs more heroes. The world needs you.

EQL has started a program for people like you and I to stand up for the underdog.  You do not have to leap tall buildings or run though forest fires.  All you have to do is wear the EQL brand. If you wear the company’s gear, everyone can see that you are protesting for the underdog.  You will be contributing your efforts to let the world know that you do not support the inequality of others.

The way it works is that the company uses 35% of the proceeds is donated to community organizations to help people in their area.  The rest of the proceeds are used to ramp up the company’s effort to get the word out, so others can join.  This will help make a difference in our communities.

You can be a hero by showing others how you feel about inequality.   This will get others interested in the cause.  This will be a great way to make a difference in a modest way. Modesty is a characteristic shared by all super heroes. Joining EQL does not take you away from your life responsibilities.  All you have to do is join EQL, wear the gear, and take more selfies.





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