Tummy control

When I am nervous or anxious, my stomach becomes upset.   I experience nausea, diarrhea, and gas.  It is important to control your tummy when you are having an anxiety attack.  Anxiety can effect different parts of your body, especially your stomach.  Please seek medical attention before you try any remedies.  If your stomach is upset, try natural methods to improve your digestive system.  

Last Friday, I was not feeling well.  I had insomnia and I felt like I was about to throw up.  I could not sleep, but I still had to go to work and do other duties.  This is a miserable feeling.  I could not eat anything that day because I was afraid of throwing up.  This is when I had to find some relief.

My favorite books “ Body into Balance” by Maria Noel Groves.  Here are some herbs that can soothe the stomach.  Here are the herbs that I found to help with tummy problems: 

Holy Basil – This is herb calms anxiety and helps balance blood sugar. 

Peppermint – This herb is rich in Menthol which helps with IBS.

Lemon Balm- This herb calms your nerves and improves digestion.  

Chamomile – is a calming herb that can be used for the stomach.

I put the herbs into my Keurig Cup and made a tea.  After drinking the tea, I felt better. This tea helped also helped me to relax.  The recipe is a simply and easy recipe.  You can use all of the herbs or just one of them in the tea.  I hope that you will try this tea.  I have these herbs in my garden, you can buy these herbs at any health food store.   Try it and let me know if it help your tummy or not.  


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