Treat Yourself

Mind-Self Love Technique – Remember to do your “One-minute breathing techniques”. But I want you to do something that you like today.  You can read a book, go to the movies, spend time with a loved one, or attend an event.  Do what makes you happy.  You have to take care of yourself, so do you by enjoying yourself.

Put this on your “To Do” list.   

It is hard to remember to do your breathing techniques.  You have to do whatever it takes to stop and relax. Go out and buy a lot of different items to help you remember, just do it.  The whole purpose of doing breathing techniques is to treat your mind to some relaxation.  Make sure that you do it the same time and same day.  This will help you to remember.

This is Important

Do not put this off for something else because you need to do enjoy yourself.  You only have one life to live, so make sure that you do something for you.  Nothing is more important than your well being.  You will be able to do other items on your “To Do” List later.

Pick something that you like

Do not let anyone else choose what makes you happy.   Only you know what makes you happy.  When you let others dictate your actions, you will not be happy.  Tell them that this is what you like to do and you are not changing your plans.


It’s Spring.  It is time to clean out our bad habits.  Start penciling in some “Me Time”.  We need not let one day go by that we do not enjoy ourselves.  We need to make this an important part of our lives. When you are happy, you are healthy and balanced.


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