Tired of being tired? (Matthew 11:28-30)

This has been a “tired of being tired” week.   Anxiety attacks can leave you tired and weak.  Lack of sleep, worrying all the time, and being afraid will drain you. It could lead to health conditions.  This will make your situation worse because now you will have hospital bills and have to take time from work. You have to find a way to balance your problems, so you can stay healthy and sane.  You have to take your burdens to God, so he can help you.  Here are two reasons why:

You need to rest

                You will not rest if your problems are not solved or resolved.  Sometimes it is best for you to step away from your problems.  Do not avoid dealing with the situation because the situation will get worst.  God will help you to deal with your problem.  He will never leave you or forsake you, so cast your cares to God and leave them there.  Get you some rest, pray, and then find a strategy to deal with the situation.

You need help

We are human and we are not made out of steel.  Life is fragile and death is coming to all of us.  It is wise to take care of our temples. When we are anxious, we cannot focus, so we need the Holy Spirit to help us balance our emotions.  It will convict us to stop before it is too late.  The Holy Spirit will also give us the strength to carry on even though we are afraid.  We need help to balance anxiety.

Don’t let anxiety control you.  Get the rest that you need, so you can fight another day.  Ask for God’s help to balance your emotions, so you can stay healthy and sane.  You can stop “being tired of being tired”.

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