Tips on how to deal with Anxiety

This has been a hectic month because of my anxiety.  I cannot concentrate.  I am not getting much sleep and I am not paying attention to my health.  This is not the first time that I felt like this because I have anxiety attacks.  I was diagnosed by my physician several years ago.  I have been gathering information on the subject and to my surprise there are different kinds.  My symptoms seem to be social.  This seems unreal, but, I do fear what people think about me.  I am the one who says “I do not care about what others think”, but deep down inside I do.  This is why I exaggerate situations and try to out shine everyone.  This can make your life hectic.

One bad habit that I have is concentrating on negative situations.  If you are displaying the same symptoms, read my blog post for the next few weeks.  I am going to find some natural remedies for anxiety.  Today we are dealing with the mind, so here are some meditation techniques that will help you.

When you are very stress about the situation, write it down, and try to concentrate on something else.  If it is not an emergency, give yourself at least five minutes before dealing with it.

Another mediation technique I want to practice is sounds and thoughts meditation.  Concentrate on the sounds that are happening around you.  Sounds can easily distract you, so it is a great way to stop concentrating on your stressful issue.  After listening for about five minutes, then let your thoughts come back to your mind.  But don’t stress over it.

Williams et. al. (2011) wrote,“ Let your thoughts come and go on their own, just as you did the sounds.”  If you are calm, will find inner peace and find a solution or resolution



Williams, M. and Penman, D.,  Mindfulness, An eight – week plan for finding peace in a frantic world, Rodale Books, (p.146-147).


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