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Since this is African American History month, I have decided to do some research about the Black Panther Party. I love the way this group stood up for and helped others. A lot of people thought that the Panthers were just a bunch of militants who carried guns. I thought they were heroes. They used unorthodox methods, but they changed history for African American People. Here are some facts about the Black Panthers.

University of New Mexico Press, 2010 wrote, “This means all of us have this power. But the power only belongs to all of us, not just some or one, but all. And that was the trick. That was the thing we never understood. And that is what statement these songs make. By Elaine Brown, from the Seize the Time album cover (1969).”

Carriere, M. (2003) wrote, “ A militant black activist organization established in the 1960s, the Black Panther Party put forward an analysis of institutional racism in the United States that had conspiratorial overtones, while at the same time it was the subject of conspiracy theories told by white conservatives who feared that the party constituted an armed conspiracy against U.S. institutions.”

Stastny (2014) ”Eric Onus’ comment is emblematic of a shift in indigenous voice towards greater dissent and defiance after the 1960s. Activist groups adopted more confrontational methods and advocated self-determination, liberation, organization separatism and cultural pride, which pressed the indigenous rights debates through both urgency and fear.”


This group has done so much. It amazes me that this group influenced people all over the word. Wouldn’t it be great if we could bring back the spirit of the Black Panther Party.  We should ban together and be fierce about protecting the rights of others. We should not go into the Whitehouse with guns, but we should help and stand up for others.




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