Take a Nap

Why is a Nap important?


A lot of people take naps every day.  It seems like that is an impossible task.  Who has time to sleep when there is so much to do?  Americans are busy. If you are not out trying to make something happen, you are considered lazy.   Here are two reasons why you should stop and take a nap.


Energy booster

If you take a 90-minute nap each day, you will be more energized.  There are some who say 15 or 30 minutes naps help with energy. It may help, but to get a real energy boost, comes from a nap that lasts at least 90 minutes. Short naps make you groggy. When taking a long nap and you have Rapid Eye Movement, you are getting a restful sleep. Getting the proper rest is important for energy. Most of us are running around on empty, so get your sleep on.   


Increase productivity

Waking up from a peaceful sleep leaves one creative and alert.  If you have time, one morning, lay in the bed and listen to the birds.  For some reason, this gets me to thinking of what I can do and how I can do it. I also reflect on God because I remember his eye is on the Sparrow.  I feel the confidence of accomplishing my goals. This is how you feel when you take a nap. Your productivity will increase because you are more alert. You are creative after getting your proper rest.  Napping will help you to create and produce.


Take as many naps as you need.  Don’t sleep all day, but get close to eight hours.  Don’t let anyone stop you from getting your proper rest.  Sleep is just as important as eating or exercising, so get as much sleep as you want.  

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