Take a mini-vacation



The last few weeks have been aggravating.  Everything has been a major challenge. There are several ways to approach these challenges, but first, you have to clear your mind, so pack your bags and go on a mini-vacation. Now, this might sound crazy because a lot of us are having financial difficulties, but it is easy to find a place to go and get away from it all.  The problems will be there when you get back, so take a short time away from your problems.  We all deserve a mini vacation.


Just let your fingers do the walking by surfing the internet or by calling.  You can go somewhere locally or in a nearby state.  It is easy to find an expensive getaway.  The first thing to do is to see how much money you can spend.  Then you can look for places in that price range.  Prices are lower if you register before you go. Schedule your trip at least two weeks in advance. If you cannot stay overnight, go for one day.  The whole thing to remember is that this is a mini-vacation, so don’t spend too much money.

Places to Go

Local state parks have wide varieties of things to do.  Sit and enjoy nature, or you can walk a nature trail.  Have a cookout or picnic.  A lot of parks have concerts or other events.  Make sure that you visit a park that you never visit before.  Visit lakes or a beach.  If you have reliable transportation, you can drive for an hour or two.  Stay at the lake or beach for six to eight hours and then drive back.  Make sure that you have a designated driver if you are partying.  Start planning, so you can have fun and be safe.


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