Surrender- Day Three- His Love

Whenever I feel lonely, down, and out, I read David’s Psalm 23rd.  The lord is my light and my salvation. Who shall I fear?  I also remember the story of David.  You all have heard the story of Jesse’s youngest son, David, slain the giant Goliath.  You also know David for the beautiful Psalms that he wrote.  The most favorite of all is the 23rd Psalm, “The Lord is my Shepard”.  But many of us do not think about David for the 27th Psalm.  Why? Because he was running for his life from the authorities.  He had done some unspeakable crimes to his nation, family, and God.  The thing that I find remarkable about this Psalm is that David is demanding God to not leave or forsake him.  Can we do that? After we have sinned, can we demand for God to come and helps us? Yes we can.    Now, God is not going to come and removed our situation.  We have to take the necessary steps to get out of our situation.  God will consul us when we are down, teach and instruct and teach us the way to go, and he will forgive us.  So, Yes we can demand for God to helps even though we have sinned.  God love us so much that he will not leave us because he know that we are weak.  When you sin, first pray and ask for forgiveness.  Then read, study, and meditate  the word, so he can instruct and teach us the way to go.  But do not ever think that you have done something too awful to approach God.  For further study read link below:

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