Surrender Day One

Today I am exhausted because I allow myself to go through a emotional roller coaster.   This is a crazy thing to do. The reason being is we only can control what is going on today.  We can only control out emotions and actions.  What the other person does is not under our control.  We do not know what is going to happened tomorrow because we are not promised to be here tomorrow.  We cannot go back in the past and make any changes, so we have no control over the past.  We only can control ourselves.  We have to stay mindful on what is going on today.  If you do not do this you will stay on the emotional roller coaster.  This week let’s do an one minute meditation on the word.  This will be a constant reminder of our weakness and his strengths.  I will use Our Daily Bread website to get info about surrendering to our Mighty God.

Today let’s meditate on Galatians 5: 16-25

Ready for a Change?


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