I have been looking at the news surrounding the election, and I do not understand why are the candidates displaying so much hating? Wth all the controversy surrounding President Barak Obama’s presidency, you would think that American would want to chill. This election has more mess than any other that I have seen. They are calling each other names; they are supporting hate groups; and they are beating photographers, really. I do not know who will win the race, but the person who is taking office is going to have tough job. They are taking over a nation that is broken because of racism, poverty, and interest groups.

The racism came to a full circle when President Obama won the election. I have never seen so many people who hate for no reason. They hate you because of the color of your skin; they hate you because of your sexual orientation; and they hate you because of your views. We are now seeing more murders committed in America just because. You see people shooting in public places. You see police officers killing suspects. Suspects are people who are innocent until proven guilty. You can even be killed for your sexual orientation. You can be killed for anything these days. So, how many people have to be killed before we realize that hating is not the answer.

This is my call for everyone to stop hating. We can do it by starting to love that man in the mirror, and by showing others love. We can start with small groups of people, and we can network with larger interest groups and the government. If enough people start letting the world know that we are tired of “hating”, people will start catching on. We can conquer this problem like our antecessor did. We can band together, and work towards the common good. We can do this by taking one step at a time. Remember that everyone matters, so let’s work together, and we can be alright.

When you cast your vote this Super Tuesday, think about the candidate’s views. Does this a leader promotes an America that works together, or do they promote “hating”?

The word "VOTE" written in vintage ink stained letterpress type.
The word “VOTE” written in vintage ink stained letterpress type.

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