Stop beating yourself up

I have a problem with thinking the worst when it comes to me.  Thinking negative about yourself makes you lose confidence in your decisions.  When I try to look at the positive things that I have done, it is faded out by my past and present mistakes.  Every one of us has shortcomings and has made mistakes.  This should not affect our thoughts about ourselves.  Here are two ways that we can stop beating ourselves up.


You have heard this before but writing down what you do right and wrong helps you to take a better inventory of oneself.  Make sure that you do not leave out anything positive thing that you do in the day.  It could be as small as cooking for your family or praying.  As long as it is positive, jot it down.  Do not put any negative actions from the past because it is too late to change the outcome.  You will be surprised at how many good things that you do, so start journaling.


If you meditate on your list of positive actions, you stop thinking negative about yourself.  Practice makes perfect, so keep thinking about your positive list.  Go home and find a quiet place to meditate.  Have your list in your hand.  When you are finished reading it, reflex over what you did right today.  Don’t get the big head when you are meditating.  Believers should thank God for granting them with these positive gifts.  Everyone should use this time to make sure that their actions are self-centered.

These are just two ways to help you to build your confidence and to love you.  Deal with the negative situations as they happen. Start loving yourself because we are only here for a moment.







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