Stop and Sniff the herbs

Certain smells send a signal to your brain that can help you relax, improve your focus, or communicate effectively.  You can find some of these smells in certain herbs.  If you stop and smell the herbs, you will find scents to help you heal naturally.  You can fuse different herbs with oil by putting them in a mason jar for two weeks to a month.  Light oil can be fused with the herbs. Put the Mason jar in a paper bag on a window sill.  You can buy a herbal distiller.  Place the herb in the distiller and you will get the oil out of the herb.  This is an expensive method.  Essential oils can be found online, at a local farmers market, flea markets, or in retail stores. Essential oils are a great way to focus, calm, and attentive.

Peppermint Oil

This oil uplifts your spirits, increase memory, and alertness.  Some studies have said that peppermint can help with headaches.

Rosemary Oil

This oil improves memory and rejuvenates the brain.

Lavender Oil

            Lavender helps calm the spirit, improves sleep, reduces anxiety, and helps with headaches.

Calendula Flowers

            I found this herb in bible verses.  This oil can help with speech.

Dill flower  

            Studies have shown that this flower helps with ADHD and decrease over-stimulation consider for autism spectrum disorders.

There are low or no side effects when you use these oils, so as much as you want.  You can research information about different herbs through your local Department of Agriculture, or your local college.  There are a lot of herbs that can be used to stimulate the brain.  When you are calm, you do not overspend.  Being calm also helps you stick to your budget because you are not anxious to buy anything.  Try sniffing these herbs and see if you feel differently.





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