Still Blessed (Pass it On)

I have not written a poem or prose in a while.  I think today is an appropriate time.  We are facing so many uncertainties today that we have to remember that we are blessed.

Still Blessed

The pain is so intense that we want to run far away.

How can we carry on?

It does not matter what anyone says because all we see is death.

Death in the church.  Death is in the school. Death is everywhere it is not supposed to be.

Death is not a blessing, so how can we feel blessed?

We have food, clothes, and shelter.  We woke up this morning without any pain or sickness.

We have some money to buy what we need and sometimes we get what we want.

Money and material things are good to have, but when you see crazy it does not matter.

Material things and money cannot ease my pain nor reverse the bad.

I look at the bad and feel bad, but I look up and feel the light.

I do not understand why this is happening, but I know I have to move on.

I cannot stop thinking about the crazy happenings and I might keep thinking about it for a while.

I know that it is going to be a while before I feel alright again.

I know that the light will be there with me to help me through.

That is why I am blessed. Not because of the happenings or the things that I own.

I am blessed because you will be there for me through it all.

*It is so hard for families to remember that they are blessed when you have a loved one taken because of senseless violence.  I know it is hard, but we have to remember through it all we are still blessed.*

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