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Everyone is uncertain today because of COVID19 and racism.   People are afraid because they do not know what will happen tomorrow.  This is why it is important to practice mindfulness.  I am starting a 28-day mindful challenge tomorrow.  I am urging you to start practicing mindfulness too.   I am using an exercise that I found on I like to use this site because the format is easy to follow and I do see a difference when I use their exercises.  Before we start the challenge, let’s revisit the benefits of mindfulness.  


You will be able to let go of the troubles and past sins.  This is one thing that holds us back.  We need to accept our past and present problems.  We need to learn from them so we can move forward.  When you accept the things that we cannot change, we can focus on the present and make positive changes in your life.  

Reduce stress 

When you control your breathing, you lower your blood pressure.  Controlling your blood pressure helps your heart and overall wellbeing.  Breathing heavy causes health problems that can kill you.  Practicing mindfulness helps one to rid the negative emotions which causes stress and anxiety.  

Increase productivity and creativity 

We have real distractions, but we still have to keep it together to get through.  We need to stay healthy and emotionally balanced.   Everyone needs to help to conquer racism and to find a vaccine for COVID19.  The world needs creative ideas and people who can make dreams come true.  Your contribution is needed, so relax and stay focus.   

 Start the challenge with me.  If you do not start tomorrow, please start soon. We all need to stay healthy and keep our heads together to battle the issues that we are facing today.  

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