Stay Positive

                This week, the movie “When they see us” has everyone talking.  That is why this a great time to talk about Joseph.  Joseph’s story is very emotional like the movie.  His struggles would have broken a lot of us, but Joseph, like the Central Park Five, stayed grounded through it all. 

Who was Joseph?

          He is one of Jacob’s younger son.  Jacob had a special place in his heart for Joseph because he was the firstborn from his wife Rachel.  Jacob had two wives, but only loved Rachel.  This made his other wife, Leah, and her children angry. Jacob’s family was torn apart because of this situation.  Families today face the same problems.

What crisis did he experience?

          Leah had 10 sons from Jacob.  They were jealous of Joseph, so they threw him in a hole and told their father that Joseph was killed by an animal.  To make matters worse, they sold Joseph as a slave to the king.  When he was working in the palace as a baker, the queen was turned on by him, but Joseph did not want to sleep with her. She became angry and told the king that Joseph was making passes her.  Joseph was put in prison, sounds familiar.  

What lessons can we learn?

          Joseph used his gift of interpreting dreams to help others while he was in jail.  The king started having wired dreams and asked Joseph to interpret them. His interpretation saves the county from savings.  Joseph was released and appointed viceroy.  This means he was second in command.  His family had needed his help too and he did not turn them away.  He used patience, faith, and forgiveness to get through his struggles. If we use positive emotions, we will be like Joseph and the Central Park Five.   

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