Stay Connected to God

Being strong is a tool that one must have to survive the storms of life.  Never give up. When you fall down, get some rest and keep trying your best.  Don’t use your energy on worries or fears because we will not have enough strength to finish our task.  When a person is tired, they make stupid decisions.  These decisions can result in making our problems worst.  To keep a clear head throughout your journey, reach out to God.  Here are two ways to help stay connected to God.


Prayer is the best way to stay in touch with God.  He will hear and answer your prayers.  You have to make a ritual of it.  Do not let too many days go by without praying to God.   Being strong is good for some situations, but praying to God for direction is always the best solution.  Make sure that you pray it in a closet.  Jesus warns us not to pray for others to give us praise.  My best prayers were done in a bathtub or late at night.

Study the word

The Bible was written by everyday people like you and I.  Wars, money, alcoholism, and adultery are just a few things that are mentioned in the Bible.  These are the same problems that most of us face today.  The authors of the Bible showed us how God delivered them through their storms.   Study the word every day, so you can gain strength.   You can read printed or digital versions of the Bible.  You can form a study group like the disciples.  Don’t be a know it all and stop reading.  You will miss a lesson that that can help you with a problem.   Keep in touch by studying and praying and God will strengthen you.


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