In 2020, feed your Spirit

People are settings goals for themselves and using different planning techniques to accomplish them.   They are using visionary boards and more.  These tools are great for the body and mind, but what about the spirit.  If your spirit is broken or lost, you will not reach your goals and you will either failed or make errors that bring on unnecessary suffering.  Everyone needs to have a healthy spirit to accomplish anything.  Here are some ways to feed the spirit.  

Study the Bible Daily 

There so many Bible tools out there today.   There is Our Daily BreadYou version,  pastors have online Bible study tools and more.  Start strategizing how you will study your Bible every day.  The word has so much information that it can help us to hang on when times get rough.  There are examples of how other people of faith relied on God to carry them through.  Start studying today.  


This is the one thing that you cannot skip.  I do not pray all the time, but I always feel better when I do talk to God.  One of God’s promises is that he will never leave us. So, the best way to start a prayer is to ask for forgiveness.  This will help your soul feel lighter and you can communicate with God openly and freely.  Remember that prayer changes things.  

Share God’s goodness with others  

Telling others about how good God has been to you will help you grow in faith. This is our duty as a soldier in God’s army to go out and spread his goodness.  You do not have to act like a preacher to tell someone how they can go to God and he will fix any problems that they have.  Go out and tell somebody. 

Start 2020 with a healthy spirit.    

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