Shut Up

I have always said that I am not going to be a grumpy old woman. As I got older, I forget the promise that I made to myself, and I am becoming a grumpy old woman. I hate this because I have been so blessed over the years. I only think of my blessings during the bad times, but during the good times, I complain. I decided that this post will be about how to stop complaining. Now I love reading self help books, and one that I found was “Me and my Big Mouth”, written by Joyce Meyers. I read this over fifteen years ago. But the book gave some important tips about controlling your mouth. The next thing I read was the story of “Ruth”. We had a woman’s conference at church years ago, and we study the book of Ruth. I recently seen a movie about the book of Ruth, and the movie reminded me of how we must always keep a humble heart. After getting all this information, I still complain and talk out of turn. I really want to learn how to control my mouth. I have decided to make this a priority in my life, and to address this issue every day. So, here is another thing that we have to track. I am going to pray for mouth control. I am going to monitor everything that I say. I think that best way to do this is to think before I speak. I am going to repeat the word “wait” to myself every day, so it will become easy for me to remember. If I wait just for a split second, I think I will stop complaining, and I will communicate better. I hope these techniques will help me to be like Ruth, and not like a grumpy old woman. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.




Ruth 1:6,11-18



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