Sally Hemings

I watched a movie called, “ Sally Heming: An American Scandal.”  This is an interesting movie about Thomas Jefferson’s slave mistress. I was shocked. I never knew that he had a mistress. I knew that slave owners impregnated slaves, but it was amazing that this relationship went past the normal slave owner/slave relationship. This was a love affair. Jefferson was jealous when others showed her attention, and she was jealous when he dated other women. Now this slave woman had an attitude, and was not afraid to show it.

Another piece of the puzzle is Jefferson’s daughter. She was determined to break these two up. Sarah and the daughter had many arguments, but still managed to live under the same roof.

There was a reporter who wanted Jefferson to step down as president because of his slave mistress. He would write terrible articles about the president and his mistress. Sally asked one her friends to put a spell on the reporter, and he was found dead.

The most interesting thing about the affair was the children. They all looked white, but were treated as slaves. It looked funny to see these fair skinned children to be serving like every other slaves on the plantation. The oldest son ran away in fear of being sold. Sally kept having children in spite of the fact that they could be mistreated by the white people and the black people.   The risks that these two took were unbelievable.

          NO one can make up a story with this much action and drama. The one factor that kept my attention was the love affair. They continued to see each despite the odds. I would urge everyone to see this movie because it has history, romance, and action.

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