Removing Barriers

We all have to work on barriers or strongholds that we carry from year to year.  Most of us have carried these demons for so many years that we do not realize that they are harmful.  We all have to identify and remove these barriers, so we can be opened for our spiritual blessings.

Professional Opinion  

     Laura Harris Smith (2016) stated, “A soul tie is a past or present unrestrained emotional state,  occurring in human relationships, that affects and interferes with your relationship with God.  We never want to hinder our relationship with God.  We have to make sure that we do not let these blocks control our life.  Harris gave bible verses that showed soul ties.  Mark 10, Deuteronomy 13:6 and Hebrews 4:12 are good examples. I also read Thessalonians 5:23 to see how you can become whole with your spirit and soul.  Pray for forgiveness than go to bed early.  Turn off the lights and television.

How do you remove barriers?

     We have to identify these barriers.  The first way to identify barriers is our gut feelings.  If it feels wrong don’t do it.  Don’t do anything that makes you feel bad.  If you have to second guess your actions, you need to stop doing it.  Another way is to read your Bible.  The faith warriors in the Bible shows us how negative actions can affect your life.  You have to identify your barriers, so you can plan a strategy to rid them.

Track your Progress

     It is always a good idea to track your progress.  Do not try to keep count in your head.  You need to jot down your barriers.  When you overcome the barrier,  put the date beside it then treat yourself to something nice.  Satan hates when you work on something that is right.  He knows that his time is limited.

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