Relax with Nature

The weather is warm, so you can go outside without a big coat on.  Ferguson, E. MD. stated “The transfer of energy from earthing causes an immediate sense of well-being and relaxation,”  When she say “earthing” she means nature.  This is the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way to relax.  When you walk through a park, you are at one with nature.  So whenever you can please go out and enjoy God’s beauty.  It is raining outside today, but whenever you get a chance, use nature to help you relax and stay in Auto-Pilot. Talk a walk or just sit and look at the birds, bees, flowers, and trees.

Fresh air lowers your blood pressure and regulates your serotonin.  So sit on your front porch and breath deeply.  You can watch your garden or the birds and bees.  Just sitting outside for thirty minutes will help reduce stress.  It seems like a simply gestures, but most pleasures in life are.  The more you sit and enjoy nature, the more relax you become.

You can buy nature sounds.  You might not have time to sit outside, so you can download nature sounds to help your relax.  Listening to the sounds will help you relax wherever you are.   This is a convenient way for you to use nature to relax.  This do not mean for you not go outside and see the real thing.  This just mean that you can relax with nature anytime.

Mother Nature lately has showed us  that she is a force to be reckon with.  But Mother Nature is a way that we can relax for free.  You do not have to pay for anything to walk through the park or sit on your porch.  That is the best reason to use nature to help stay healthy.

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