Use your tub to relax

Not many people take bathes.  Bathes are a great way to relax.  Especially if you use your bathe time for meditation and relaxation.  People have used their bath tubs as a place for serenity and peace.

The first thing to is to make sure no one else needs your for a hour or so.  The time i use to bathe is when everyone is asleep.  You can do it when no one is home or you can do it when you are renting a  hotel room.

Make it special.  I love music, so I take my phone in the bathroom with me and listen to Pandora.  Music calms the savage beast.  This is a great way to get you in the mood to relax.

I also love to soak with Epson Salt.  Magnesium is in Epson salt which is absorb in our bodies and relieves stress.  This will help you reduce anxiety because Magnesium promotes the production of serotonin.

You can burn a fragrant incense or candle.  The best flavor to use is lavender.  Lavender scent relaxes your mind and then your body will relax.

The last step is to meditate.  Concentrate on how your feel in the tub.  Try the body meditation technique.  Make sure you concentrate on your sense.  You should concentrate on the scent of your candle or incense with your sense of smell.  You should also concentrate on your sense of hearing.  Listen to the music that you are playing and let your thoughts flow.

Your bath can be a way to relax and meditate.  This is a great way to stay mindful while taking a bath.  The sensation of the warm water on your skin should help you to removed all of the negative thoughts of the day.  Try to take a relaxing bath about once a week.

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