Football Ball On Grass in a Stadium

I go for a walk in Frazier Park off of 4th street in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is a beautiful park with a long trail, Dog Park, and more. wrote “Frazier Park has a 12-acre (4.9 ha) urban park at 1201 West 4th Street Ext in the Third Ward of Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. It contains fields for soccer and American football, courts for tennis and basketball, creek-side trails, a playground for small children, and a Dog Park. Part of Charlotte’s Irwin Creek Greenway, a paved and gravel greenway, runs through Frazier Park”. So, all of you be prepare for lots of pictures and videos of this park. When I did walk on the gravel part of the trail, I came to a parking lot, and beyond that parking lot was the Carolina Panthers stadium. I did not know that I was in walking distance to the stadium. So, I decided to share this video with you since the Panthers is on fire. Congratulations for an undefeated season, and “Go Panthers”.


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