Reduce your Anxiety

There are several ways to reduce anxiety.  One way that I relieve stress is to work in my herbal garden. Herbal scents can help you manage your stress.  One herb that helps relax you is Lavender.

There are 28 spices of lavender. The Greeks used lavender for embalming.  The Greek also used Lavender for cleaning and healing purposes.   They are perennials so they can tolerate some of the winter weather, but bring in for the frost.  Lavender can be used in oils, creams, soap, potpourris, and sachets.  Flower water is a skin tone.  It is a fly repellent.  It is a mild sedative and pin killer.  You can put it on insect’s bites.  The Spanish lavender has blue and green large leaves.  Elegance lavender has gray and green leaves.   You can harvest leaves or flowers at any time during the summer.  Cut stem about 3 inches above the ground.  The herb relieves tension, headaches, and helps with insomnia.

When I am in my garden, I can smell this scent and I will instantly feel better. Herbs are not the only way to reduce stress.  You can drink 8 cups of water; eat at least 4 healthy snacks to keep you from becoming hungry. Make sure that you get some fiber in your diet today.  Beef up your exercise today.   Exercise helps control stress.  There are also some foods that will help reduce stress.   Oatmeal, whole grain products, a pinch of sweets like chocolates, and oranges are just a few to help reduce stress.

The problem that I have is commitment.  You can use any type of reminders to help you track your stress.  You can use your journal, an app, or a calendar.  It is important for you to manage your stress before you get sick or even worse die.

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