Practice Mindfulness

It is important to practice mindfulness.  The breathing techniques that I gave you should be used at least three times a day or more. I am not saying to stop in the middle of something and breathe deeply.  I am saying that you should schedule three or more times a day to meditate.  But now, it is time for us to start moving.

I have done some research on movement and awareness.  Studies have shown that if you control your movement in an organized matter and focus on those movements, you will become more mindfulness. You can practice focusing by doing yoga, Tai chi, and qigong.  Ferguson (2013) wrote, ‘Tai chi and qigong improved physical function, raised the quality of life, prevented falls, and enhanced the sense of self-worth and psychological health.’

Professionals believe if you combine awareness, posture, and movement, you will promote self-awareness.  So in the coming months, I will give more tips on these exercises.  But you can Google these exercises and start now.

I use to see actors use Tai Chi on television, but I thought it was for people to warm up before karate.  I have learned that Tai chi is a slow exercise that helps reduce stress.  You breathe slowly and control your movements.  It is a form of martial arts, but you do not have to use martial arts to use Tai Chi.

Qigong requires movement but your movement is in the rhythm whereas Tai chi is not in rhythm.  Qigong is how you hold your body posture and breathing.  It is great for self-healing, spirituality, and martial arts training.

I did not talk about Yoga because most people know how yoga works but check these other exercises to help you with your body movement and awareness.  When you control your focus, you stay mindful.

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