Practice makes Perfect

I have found a website that has meditation exercises for everyone in the family.   It is called Mindfulness Exercise.  The exercises are easy to do and you get a variety of exercises to choose from.  Add your name to the mailing list so you can stay mindful and calm.  Here are some of the exercises that I have used off the site. 

Alleviate Stress  

You will breathe in and hold your breath for 5 seconds then breathe out for 5 seconds.  Do this three times and while exhaling the third time say “Relax now”.  How simple is that?   

Another exercise that you can try is to blink your eyes while you count down from 10. 10, blink, 9, blink, and so on.  The eye movement helps you to relax and to stay calm.  You can do this anytime and anywhere.   

28 Day Challenge  

This is a free course that you can use to get into the habit of meditating.  It is videos and other information that can help you to stay on track.  These meditations were written by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institutes.  This company is an expert in neuroscience, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. Did I mention it was free? 

Free Mindfulness Worksheets 

The site offers free worksheets to help reduce stress and anxiety and promote happiness, joy, and peace.  I have started working on the worksheet to help you let go of stress and worries. Each worksheet has several exercises that you can practice when you find yourself feeling stress or anxious.  


The old saying is “Practice makes perfect.” So, start using meditation to keep yourself calm and cool. Medication helps lower your blood pressure and cure other illnesses.  You can use this website anywhere.  The site provides enough information for everyone in your family.  

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