Power in the Word

Whenever I feel down, confused, or depressed, I found power in communicating with God.    I do not mean chain messages.   I mean you talking with God.  The power of prayer is undeniable.  I have witness miracles happen because of the power of prayer.   Where would we be without the Lord?  God has given us some much and we are still stressed.  I often wondered why he puts up with me.  I do not know why, but I am glad that he does.  I want you to take one of your meditation sessions each day and meditate on the word.  You have to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the meanings of the verses that you read in the Bible.  Meditate as much as you can to become one with God.  Here is how you can start:

Find a quite place

You need to find a place away from everybody.  You do not need any distractions while you are meditating.  It can a your favorite room in the house, or it can be on your porch or garden.  It does not matter where you are.

Find a Bible verse

There are millions of ways to find Bible verses.  You can use the Internet, YouTube, or your church.  You will know which verse you need to concentrate on because the Holy Spirit will guide you.  Do not concentrate on anything else but the bible verse that you picked.  You can do some Bible study on the verse to give you more insight.

Meditate on Bible Verse

You do not have to repeat in your mind over and over, but you do have to think about what you have read.  You have to asked God to help you learn from the Bible Verse.

Keep meditation on the word for hope.  


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