Positive Thinking

When we create harmony inside by thinking harmonious thoughts, then that energy goes out from us into the world, touching people and places and things.” By Louise Hay author of Meditations to heal your life. (p.105).   What are harmonious thoughts?  It does not mean that you are happy, but it does mean that you are at peace.  How can we think positively?  Positive thinking is a good energy that should be used everyday.

Beware of negativity on social media 

With social media, you see all kinds of things.  I am still in shock about the different posts that lands on social media sites.  I wonder if those people are posting to get attention because they truly should be uncomfortable with the situation that they are in.  Start looking for ways to use social media for the good.

Set aside some time for good

We need to concentrate on what is good.  The best way to do that is to make it your business  to set aside time to reflect on what is good and pure.  It would be nice to do it everyday, but we are human, so do it as much as you can. Thinking positive thoughts helps you to lower your blood pressure and keep the drama out of your life.

Positive exercise

Try this exercise and see if you rid all those negative thoughts out of your mind. Sit up in the bed with your eyes close and think of the goals that you have set for yourself. Now place yourself on auto pilot and let God’s grace help you to achieve your goals for today.  Do not worry about tomorrow.  Just focus on what is happening during the day.

Avoid what is negative by pursuing positive things and people.  Positive thinking will help you be happy.

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