Pay less – Negotiating Price Part II

Negotiating a lower price is important for big purchases and small purchases.  You have to do your homework.  You have to check out the competitor’s prices.  You can take a competitor’s advertisement into a store and see if they will match it.  You can also take it with you when you are negotiating a car, home, or any other big purchase.  If you are traveling, you can use websites that shows you hotel, car rentals, and airline prices.  You can use this information to lower your travel expenses.   With negotiating price, you can walk away because someone else has it cheaper.  You have to listen and see why the company charges this price.   If the company does not offer any more value, walk away.  Most companies keep their prices the same as their competitors.  If you can show the company that more than one competitor is offering lower prices, you will get your price.  Let the business offer their price first.  You then counter offer.  Remember negotiating is coming to an agreement.  After a couple of offers, you can walk because you do not want to argue or fuss.  You just want the lowest price.  If the competitor is running a sale or offering a coupon, take it with you to help build your case.  You should not get emotional because you are the valued customer.  Do not get nasty because this could be the first of many negotiations.  You also need to have a pin and pad to take notes.  You have to stay confident because you are holding all the trump cards.  If you use these steps, you can pay less for purchases.


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