Overlook Criticism (Matthew 27)

A lot of us seek approval from others and when we do not get it, we become anxious.  Some people will never like you no matter what.   Jesus never tried to gain the approval from others.  Jews were looking for a Messiah and Jesus’ followers proclaimed that he was the Messiah. People accused him with false allegations.  He was beaten and crucified, but Jesus kept his faith.  Here are the reasons why we should not lose faith when others do not approve of us.

Opinions carry no value

Everyone has an opinion, so we cannot place a lot of value on a person’s opinion.  No one can pay a bill or enter into the gates of heaven with opinions.  When we listen to negative opinions, we lose faith because we become anxious to gain the approval of others.  When we do not get that approval, we suffer anxiety attacks, depression, and more. If we overlook criticism, we will stay faithful like Jesus.

God approves of us

                God loves us so deep that he will never leave us.  We have to keep our eye on God and we will not worry about what others say.   Jesus never worried about other’s criticism.  He keeps preaching and healing.  He asked God to forgive his accusers even though they abused him.  Keep your eye on the prize and God will help you to love yourself and your enemies.  We might be hurt by negative opinions, but faith in God will help us to rise over our accusers.

Be like Jesus and keep the faith.  You should not let criticism affect you. God’s approval is all that we need.   God will help you to love yourself.  If someone says something negative too, you pray for their forgiveness.   This will help you to stay confidence and faithful.




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