Over Medicating

Just about everyone that I know reaches for medicine when they get a headache.  You have to be careful not overdoes on headache medications. People who take to much headache medications can make the problem worse.  WebMD wrote, “If you use pain medications too frequently to treat your headaches, you could actually make the problem worse.  You could get what’s called medication overuse or rebound headaches.”  You can end up in Rehab for pain medications.  If you are using a lot of pain medications. Stop.  You can also damage other organs like the liver or kidney by taking too many medicines.  Yesterday and tomorrow, I will give remedies on ways to cure a headache naturally.  Please try these methods before using medications.  If the pain persists, please consult a physician.  It might be something else going on.  Remember, using natural remedies should help with the pain. Try natural remedies first, then medication, and if that does not work, go to the doctor.  This is the best way to cure your headache.




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