I always wondered how Abraham felt when God ordered him to kill Isaac.  I knew how I would have felt. I would have found a way to not do it.  That sounds horrible, but we disobey God every single day.  Think about how we do not help others or how we judge others.  We do not tithe or pray.  Therefore, most of us would have never taken our child up a mountain to kill them.  Let’s learn from Abraham.

Who is Abraham?

Abraham is known as the father of Christianity.  I did not find much information on his childhood, but I did find out that his father’s name was Terach.  He was married to Sarah and his nephews named was Lot.  Christians, Muslims, and Jews all believed that Abraham is the first person to believe there is one God.  During those times, people served different Gods.  Abraham was obedient.    

What crisis did he experience?

As you can imagine, Abraham had a lot of problems, but the worst was not having a child.  He and his wife gave up.  He had sex with the help who gave birth to a son. Then Sarah had a son.  That was some drama within itself, but the crisis came when God asked Abraham to kill his son.  OMG.  What would Abraham do?

What lesson can we learn?

Abraham obeyed God and was about to kill his son.  God stopped him before he did it.    He showed God that he was faithful to him.  God blessed Abraham for his actions.  We must learn to listen to God.  We might not understand why he asks us certain things, but we must believe that he knows best.  He will never forsake us.  We must obey God and stop doubting his instructions. 

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