Networking is the Key

                John Williams, San Francisco Federal Reserve President, stated Monday that America is back on track.  Unemployment is around 5%.  This is great because less than ten years ago, I did not know where my next meal was coming from.  Another top story is that President Barak Obama extended the rules for overtime.  I love our president, but since the economy is beginning to peak, we need to be looking for ways to work smarter not harder.  I have run several articles about entrepreneurship.  This is the right time to start your own business because people have money to spend.  You should be able to extend your customer base.  The first thing to do is to network with the right people.  I found a Facebook page named Meetup.  This page gives information about local groups in the North and South Carolina that meet and network.  I want to urge you to go to this page and see if one of these groups can help you.  As you know, my time is limited, but I am planning on attending some of these meetings when I am done with my project.  I found groups that hold meetings for writers, bloggers, travelers, investors, entrepreneurs, cooks, musicians, and more.  The next time you are on Facebook, please visit this page to see who you can network with.  Networking is the key to any successful venture.  I used to try to do it alone, but now I know that you have to work with others. I feel that I would have accomplished much more in life if I would have networked with others.  Don’t make the same mistake that I did.  Find some type of support group in your area or online, so you can get the support that you need.     

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