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I spoke with a friend a while ago who had surgery on her hand and now it hurts.  I wanted to tell her about some of the information that I found but she is under doctor’s care, so she must follow doctor’s orders.  Pain is something that none of us like, so to keep a balance, we need to find natural remedies to help cope with pain.


Here is a list of herbs that can help with pain.  Ginger, Cayenne pepper, stinging nettle, flaxseed,  turmeric,  yucca, and green tea.  Herbs can be used in foods or teas.  Most herbs can be used regularly, but google the herb to make sure that it is safe to use every day.  Hers are inexpensive to buy.  You can grow most herbs in a window sill or small garden.  Adding herbs to your diet is a great way to manage pain.


Joint pain is related to arthritis.  This is the swelling of the joints.  Before you go out and buy medicine, please consider exercise, yoga, and stretching.  This can relieve the pain without any side effects.  Exercising helps with our overall being.  The more active we are, the better that we feel.   Joint pain means that two more joints are meeting.   Since arthritis affects millions American, it is important for us to exercise daily.  Mix up your exercise routine.  This natural remedy will help relieve you of pain.


Different oils like fish oils, nut oils, and safflower oil help oil your joints.  Just like the Tin Man in the “Wizard of Oz”, we need to oil our joints.  Don’t get a tin can and carry it around, but stock up on your oils to help relieve joint pain.  Oils are easy to make and inexpensive.


Remember, if the pain is severe, or if you are under doctor’s care, follow your physician’s instructions. After you feel better, you can try some of the suggestions that I gave.  Here are the links that I found to help with hand, arm, and shoulder pain.




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