Natural Remedies for Moist Lushes Lips

Since we are talking about the mouth, I have decided to give some tips about mouth care.  The first part of the mouth that I will cover is the lips.  Winter is on its way, so we have to make sure that our lips are moist.  There are several brands that you can use, but is always better to use a natural remedy.    Here are some recipes that you can use.

Beeswax, Coconut oil, Honey, Vitamin E capsules, and essential oil (optional) is another recipe that you can use.   Beeswax is great for hardening, and it helps your products last longer.  Coconut and Vitamin E capsules are great for skin care.  You can use it for any part of your body. Honey helps moisten your any part of body. Honey also gives immediate relief for dryness.    Essential oils give you the moisture that you need for your lips.  You need to find a small container to put the balm in.  I found some great containers in online, herbal stores, and craft stores.

Sugar, honey, and any oil can be a great way to take off dead skin, and moisturize your lips.  We have talked about all the other items earlier expect for sugar.  As we all know, sugar is sweet, and the hard surface can scrub off dead skin.   You can buy any small container to put the items in.  You can use food coloring to have different colors.  You can also put different flavors in the mixture like vanilla other types of flavoring.  This will scrub the dead skin off your lips and leave them moist and shinny.

There are a lot of recipes out there for the lips, but I like these two because they are simple.  You can put the solution in the microwave, and then use it in 24 hours.

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