Try natural remedies

When you are sick, you need to first consult a physician.  Follow your physician orders.  Drink 8 cups of water and eat foods that your doctor recommends.  It would be wise to use some natural remedies.  Most natural remedies are inexpensive and have low side effects.

Research any herbs that can help you cure your illness.  Herbal supplements are in medicines, so find some to help you heal, but again consult your doctor before using them.  Some heal all herbs are black seeds, turmeric, Echinacea, Bee Balm, oregano, and Thyme.  This will help build your immune system to help fight off sickness. Rest when needed.  Write down any illnesses that you have in your journal.

Some herbs that is good to have around the house is Tumeric, Ginger, Garlic, Lavender, and Rosemary.  These can be a base for teas and tinctures.  You can find herbal recipes online, in books, or from friends.  Some of your parents and grandparents have old ages lived a long time because they used natural remedies.  Natural Remedies have been around for centuries.  You can find some great recipes in the Bible.

Then research material that will help you heal.  If you are in great shape, rest today.   Treat your body today by soaking in Epson salt. You can also use some sea salts in cream to shave off the dead skin.  You can use oils or lotions to moisturize your skin.  This will help your body to relax.     

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