Does Music help with meditation?

During meditation sessions, some people played music in the background.  This shows how music can help calm our emotions and behaviors.   Some believe that music does not help with meditation.  I believe it does because we hear music everywhere.  You hear music in the store, offices, and television, so music is an important part of our lives.

Music can take your mind off of your breathing.  Controlling your breathing is important while meditating, because first you control your breathing then you control your thoughts . I guess a person can be distracted by music playing in the background.  But most people breathing is slow down with music, so while meditating make that music is slow like jazz, classical, or gospel.  There are all types of music, so you can choose any genre.  Just make sure that the music does not carry a fast beat.

The goal of meditation is to make sure that  you get rid of all thoughts and concentrate on one thing.  This is where music can be handy.  If one concentrate on the music, then you  can get rid of other thoughts in their mind.  This can you with help with your breathing if the music is slow and easy. Music that is used for meditation has limited or no singing,.  There are apps and CD  that you can use for meditation. Download a meditation music app on your cellphone, so you can have it  when you need iit to do an “one minute” meditation technique.  If you are stress put your headphones on and start meditating.

I do not use music while meditation, but you can use music during meditating, yoga, and exercising. Use music while doing any activities because it can calm you while doing any relaxing activities.  Music calms the salvage beast, so use music to calm your nerves.





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