Mouth Control – Part II

Television stations are airing a lot of reality TV shows.  These shows support speaking your minds.  This is supposed to prove that you are not afraid and that you are tough.  I used to look at reality shows all the time.  I slowly stop watching reality shows because the shows seem staged.  They make up problems and issues about their co-stars, so they can fuss and fight.  T

his is why James wrote in 3:14“But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth”.  Just think about it.  If you come home and argue with your family every day, you will be tired, frustrated, and depressed.  The reality show producers and directors promote these scenarios to get ratings, but we need peace in our home, work, and life.

Remember what Jesus went through in his life.  He was falsely accused, beaten, crucified, and stabbed.  I do not know anyone who went through that.  Jesus kept the faith through it all, and his actions earned him the title “The Prince of Peace”.   As you know, this is just one of his many titles.  But the point that I making is that he did not whine.  When he rose from the grave, he did not boast or deny the truth.  He kept helping, healing, and praying.  We have to do the same thing.  We are not reality stars.  We are soldiers in the army.   We have to fight with love, patience, and forgiveness.

This mean no shade throwing, neck or eye rolling, and teeth sucking.  We have to pray for the holy guidance and face our accusers.  If you think this meeting might turn ugly, get a positive third party involved.  If the person still has bitter feeling towards you, pray for them and do not harbor any bitterness.


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