Money Saving Monday

Piggybank and calculator. Isolated on white background
January is money month, and we are looking for the money.  

As I promised, I will be looking for ways to make extra money, so we can start saving the money.   Here is what I found.   Everybody is saying when you drive for Uber, you make decent money, so check it out. I found an article on named, “Need a Business Idea? Here are 55”written by Entrepreneur Press & Cheryl Kimball. Here is the website:  I also found these opportunities on YouTube, so just put the name of the owner or website in the search engine, and you can find it: Marty Nemko article called, “Low-Risk, High-Payoff Self-Employment Ideas”; which have several work at home opportunities; Arise is a good company, but you have to pay to join their company; Hustlers Kung Fu, and which are surveys. I think this is enough for this week, and remember that this month is money month, so I am going to post ways to make money on Mondays. Remember; if you feel that this site is not legit go to Also, be willing to try something new because it might be the way for you to make extra money. So I am going to urge you to at least try one. I hope to see on you Wednesday when I will review Budgeting.

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